Zero Emissions


Friendly French clean motoring

Since making its debut in 2020, Citroën AMI has been causing a stir around the world. The mini EV, designed…

Government Investment

Update on plug-in vehicle grants following the new budget

The Government will provide £403 million for the plug-in car grant (PICG), extending it to 2022-23 Recognising that the market…


Brake dust as harmful as diesel fumes, warn scientists

In a study, lung cells became inflamed and less able to protect against bacteria when exposed to exhaust and brake…

Legislation & Regulation

What will it take for the UK to reach net-zero emissions?

Yesterday, Theresa May announced the UK will be net-zero emissions by 2050. The UK is the first major economy to…

Legislation & Regulation

UK Governement to ‘lead from the front’ on zero-emission cars

Sky News report that the prime minister is to announce various eco led commitments to change the face of driving in the UK