This dynamic collaboration aims to empower Intelligent Instructor’s vast audience and followers with the latest tyre safety advice and guidance to promote safer driving practices among driving instructors and their learner drivers. In return, TyreSafe will gain invaluable opportunities to disseminate their crucial tyre safety message through newsletters and targeted communications.

The alliance between TyreSafe and Intelligent Instructor signifies a collective commitment to fostering a culture of road safety by equipping the influential driving instructors with comprehensive knowledge about the importance of well-maintained tyres. As one of the most crucial aspects of road safety, tyre condition plays a pivotal role in preventing collisions and ensuring the well-being of all road users.

This partnership will see the Intelligent Instructor audience gain exclusive access to a plethora of cutting-edge tyre safety resources, including informative articles, practical tips, and comprehensive guides. These invaluable resources will enable driving instructors and their learners to stay updated with the latest best practices, regulations, and recommendations related to tyre maintenance and safety.

The partnership will also grant TyreSafe a prime platform to effectively deliver their life-saving message. Through Intelligent Instructor’s extensive network, TyreSafe will be able to engage with driving instructors, learners, and the wider motoring community via targeted communications and newsletters. This outreach will reinforce the significance of regular tyre checks, correct inflation, tread depth assessment, and proper tyre maintenance to enhance road safety for everyone.

TyreSafe have also welcomed the opportunity to exhibit at the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor National Conference & Expo at Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire on October 8th 2023, which will see up to 1,000 driving instructors from across the country enjoy an action packed and interactive expo highlighting road safety guidance, best practice and providing business advice and support. The event hosts a wealth of industry expert speakers, key stakeholders and industry suppliers.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair, said “We are thrilled to partner with Intelligent Instructor to further our shared vision of safer roads. TyreSafe has always strived to promote responsible tyre usage, and this partnership allows us to reach an even wider audience, including thosehugely influential driving instructors who play a crucial role in shaping our next generation of road users. By arming instructors and their learners with essential tyre safety knowledge, we aim to instil a safety-first mindset that will serve them well throughout their driving journey.”

Richard Storrs, Founder at Intelligent Instructor, said, “Our partnership with TyreSafe opens up a world of possibilities for our readers, who will now have access to the latest tyre safety insights and information. Tyre safety is an essential aspect of driving that often goes overlooked, but through this partnership, we can empower our audience to make informed decisions that will undoubtedly contribute to safer roads.”

The TyreSafe-Intelligent Instructor collaboration commences immediately, and both parties are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on driving safety across the UK. Driving instructors alike can look forward to a wealth of valuable tyre safety content and educational resources to ensure they remain well-informed and vigilant about their tyre condition and road safety practices.

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