Motorists not wearing a seatbelt could soon face points on their licence.

The Government is considering introducing the penalty points after figures show it is a common feature of fatalities.

At present, the penalty is a fine of up to £500. Adding licence points is seen as a significant deterrent. The driver is responsible for all passengers wearing their seatbelts.

Unrestrained risks

In a written answer to a question from Barry Sheerman MP, the Department for Transport (DfT) acknowledged that almost a third of all car occupant fatalities recorded, seatbelts were not worn.

“This is unacceptably high, and we have been considering options to tackle this including the potential merits of introducing penalty points,” said a DfT minister.

“This might form part of the Department for Transports planned call for evidence on motoring offences.”

Life savers

RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: “It’s irrefutable that seatbelts save lives, yet the sad reality is that in 30% of fatal collisions a seatbelt was not being worn.

“These stark figures underline just how important it is to buckle up in both the front and the rear of the car. Putting points on the licences of offenders would be a welcome move, but this must be accompanied by better enforcement.

“While up until this point offenders had to be caught not wearing a seatbelt by a police officer, there is now camera technology on trial in the UK that can be make the process far simpler and more effective.

“If this technology were to be rolled out alongside introducing points on licences lives would undoubtedly be saved.”