The National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP), set up by Nextbase, witnesses a 341% increase in video clips uploads.

The platform, launched three years ago, allows users to upload footage of dangerous driving. To date, more than 68,000 clips have been uploaded with the aim to improve road safety.

Moving images

The film footage is passed on to the relevant police forces around the UK. Currently, there are 37 UK police forces signed up to the NDSCP, with more forces in talks to join. Nextbase believe the initiative has saved police 263,240 hours – the equivalent of over 29 years of police time. Around 80% of the cases have resulted in action taken by police forces.

With lockdown restrictions easing, more errant driving is being filmed. The portal has received evidence of 5,457 road traffic offences over the course of just three months. This rate is double the three-month average since the portal’s inception. The past three months has also seen a total of 19,565 videos uploaded to the platform – 341% higher than average.

Making a difference

“These stats show that the portal is needed now more than ever,” states Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase. He emphasises the fact that Dash Cam technology really can help other road users, not just owners and their passengers. It’s a great opportunity for us to “work together, with the police”. There are real opportunities to identify the worst drivers, “those dangerous drivers that, put simply, should not be allowed behind the wheel”.

“This is why it was built, to make the roads of this country safer for those of us that are just trying to get from A to B and go about our daily routines. We have watched this platform grow from both a public and police perspective and are hugely encouraged by its continued appeal.”