No finger prints

Failure of successful  police actions on basic crimes are an ongoing issue. With lower police numbers, and increased complexities and…

Road Safety

Not so happy snappers

More than 6,000 videos were submitted to Devon & Cornwall Police via Op Snap throughout 2023. This makes it the…

Legislation & Regulation

Pointing to the obvious

Police stunned after pulling over one drivers who could possibly be labelled Britain’s worst. Aged just 23, the driver has …


Silent speed

One driver has had a rather socking experience with his new electric vehicle. The ‘catastrophic’ event meant the driver was…

Road Safety

Belt up and listen

Detecting drivers committing mobile phone and seatbelt offences is receiving another boost. Following successful trials, and their ongoing use in…

Road Safety

Droning on about speed

Devon & Cornwall Police are using drones to help detect driving offences. According to a report by Vision Zero South…


Rising above poor driving

Almost 700 offences were spotted in just one week by police officers patrolling a short section of the M1. Using…

Road Safety

High definition

A recent operation cracking down on mobile phone use behind the wheel has revealed what could be a worrying trend.…

Road Safety

Under the influence

Drug driving appears to be an increasing issue on our roads. There were almost 2,500 casualties in relation to drug-driving…

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