The crackdown officially launched on December 1 and runs through the whole month until January 1.

The force is reminding people that it is not always the usual suspects who drink drive over the festive period through the ‘Not The Usual Suspects’ campaign.

There is a breathalyser kit in every police vehicle across West Yorkshire. If you are driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs the police will stop and arrest you.

Chief Inspector Chris Corkindale of West Yorkshire’s Roads Policing Unit said:

‘Driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs will not be tolerated on West Yorkshire’s roads.

‘On average over the festive period we stop and arrest 10 people a day on suspicion of drink or drug driving offences.

‘Many of the people we stop are from all backgrounds, ethnicity and genders. Many of them have families and professional careers and the simple fact is, if you get caught drink driving this could have severe consequences on your job and your family.

‘A conviction for driving while under the influence of drink and drugs will lead to a criminal record, a driving ban and a fine up to £5,000.’

As part of the campaign, West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit @WYP_RPU will be tweeting the number of arrests on a daily basis for people arrested for drink/drug driving.

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Kingsman said:

‘Through the ‘Not The Usual Suspects’ campaign I hope it challenges the public perception about drink drivers and highlights the real risk everyone takes after drink or drug driving when they get behind the wheel.

‘Driving whilst not being fit has a number of dangers and can lead to severe consequences, not only for yourself but others.

‘Every year we deal with a number of fatal or very serious incidents on our roads. In 2017 more than 800 people were seriously hurt and 43 people died in road traffic collisions. A number of these have been because of the influence of drink and drugs.  This has led to the deaths of innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians leaving the awful task for many officers having to go and tell a family that their loved one isn’t coming home.

‘West Yorkshire Police have a breathalyzer kit in every Police vehicle and if you are drink or drug driving across the region you will face the consequences of your actions.’

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Improving road safety remains a key issue for the public and a priority in my recently refreshed Police and Crime Plan, involving a mixture of education, enforcement and prevention activities.

“This national campaign aims to raise awareness and help reduce these issues, whilst reminding potential drink or drug drivers that West Yorkshire Police will be on the lookout.

“I hope that this initiative will help to underline what is important at this time of year, and it certainly isn’t making potentially dangerous decisions putting other people’s lives at risk to drive whilst unfit or under the influence.”

December 2017 Statistics.

In December 2017, West Yorkshire police arrested 264 people for drink and drug driving offences.

156 people were charged with drink or drug driving.

Of those charged, 87% of those were aged over 35. Of those 119 were men and 37 were women.

Of the 264 arrested.

Sixty (23%) were from Bradford with 38 people being charged (27 men, 11 women)

Twenty four (9%) were from Calderdale with 15 people being charged (11 men, 4 women)

Thirty eight (14%) were from Kirklees with 26 people being charged (20 men, 6 women)

Ninety eight (37%) were from Leeds with 49 people being charged (37 men, 12 women)

Fourty two (16%) were from Wakefield with 28 people being charged (24 men, 4 women)

18 people were arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving on New Year’s Day (Jan 1 2018). The highest number of arrests on a single day.