RoadPeace are launching a national campaign this week to raise the profile of road safety.

The idea is to get the public talking about road deaths. It brings together police, victims’ families and celebrities.

Challenging reality

The RoadPeace Andy Cox Challenge 2022  intends to drive home the realities of road casualties.

Five people die and more than 60 are seriously injured on the UK’s roads every day according to the statistics. These are figures that have remained unchanged for the last decade.

Detective chief superintendent Andy Cox, is head of crime at Lincolnshire Police. He is spearheading the campaign between 16-22 May. Police forces around the UK are also supporting the project.

Throughout the week, Cox will cycle and run 30 miles a day. Travelling across the UK, the routes cover areas here fatal and serious road collisions have occurred. He will be joined by a variety of supporters along the way.

The intention is also to raise vital funds for RoadPeace, the road victims’ charity. At the same time it hopes to get the public talking about road deaths and the devastation they cause.

Think safety

Det chief supt Cox is calling upon society, Government, vehicle manufacturers to give the prevention of road crime ‘the priority it deserves’. This way, greater awareness can help reduce the number of deaths and injuries. The statistics have plateaued in recent years with little progress in reducing casualty statistics.

“More people die on the UK’s roads than through murder and terrorism combined,” says Cox. “It’s time for us all to start taking road danger as seriously.

“I consider this a moment for policing to create a united and powerful voice in the road danger conversation.

“By involving the majority of police forces, we will generate significant media coverage, increase public awareness, and send one message: road danger is an issue we are committed to tackling.”