A driving need: one-in-three drivers more dependent on the car than a year ago

The figures show a further rise in the proportion of drivers who say they rely on their cars as their main mode…


New MOT rules for 2020

Since it's introduction in 1968, the MOT test has been millions of tests have been carried out, but new changes are arriving this year

Fear of unexpected repairs puts 3.8m drivers off getting their car serviced

The survey of 2,000 drivers for RAC MOT Assist found that it is those drivers in London, the West Midlands and Northern…

Road Safety

Road safety must ‘return to the top of the political agenda’: IAM Roadsmart

Published on 6 November, the seven-point manifesto aims to ensure road safety and saving lives ‘returns to the top of the political…


Is the car industry in trouble? New car sales fall for 31 consecutive months

Diesel cars faced a sales slump for the 31st consecutive month, according to figures from the Society for Motor Manufacturers…


SUVs named as second biggest cause of global emissions rise

In the period between 2010 and 2018, SUVs more than doubled their market share from 17% to 39%, emitting more…


Ten strangest UK parking laws

Researchers from have revealed some of the lesser known parking laws that apply in the UK and advised vehicle…


Launch of the ‘Amazon Prime’ of the car industry

There’s a new kid on the car block and he doesn’t have a dealer forecourt. Driver 1 operates like a…

Road Safety

New road sign to improve road safety and protect animals

Hundreds of people are injured every year in collisions involving animals in the road, according to the latest Department for…