Speed limiters for cars coming

Speed limiters are back in the news again. According to an article in The Telegraph, they could be fitted to…

Road Safety

DfT considering implementing EU road safety regulations

The Department for Transport (DfT) has said it is considering new vehicle technologies. New EU legislation regarding ISA is scheduled to apply…

Road Safety

Calls to adopt new EU safety regulations

Former transport ministers have written to the current transport secretary Grant Shapps, calling on him to adopt a new package…


Time to improve young driver safety

The European Union needs to improve the safety of young drivers. This is the conclusion of a new report by…


The he bee GBs

The historic GB sticker is no longer valid. After adorning the rear of British motor vehicles when abroad for over…

Legislation & Regulation

New fitness to drive regulations needed

National governments need to review their ‘fitness to drive’ regulations. This is according to a new report from the European…


New style driving licences

With the Change in the UK’s European status comes the change to the official UK driving licence. The Government has…


Driving in Europe after Brexit: what to look out for!

With Brexit just weeks away, Brits who are planning to drive abroad have been warned to check they are compliant with the EU rules of the road.

Half of drivers don’t trust driverless technology

Half of the UK’s drivers do not trust new driverless technology, with women less likely to trust it than men (men 46% and women 55%). 
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