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AA Driving School shakes up fleet with large expansion of vehicles available

The AA is significantly expanding its driving school tuition fleet to include multiple manufacturers, models and engine types. 15 new…


Hybrids fuel concerns

The fuel consumption of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models is 61% lower, on average, than official figures suggest. These are the…


Devastating survey shows almost 1 in 3 consumers don’t understand hybrid cars

A shocking new survey by has revealed that 30.9% of UK consumers simply don’t understand hybrid cars.

Unsuprisingly new car registrations down

Data released from SMMT, shows a whopping 40% drop in March 2020 vs March 2019. In fact year to date 2020 is 31% down on 2019.

UK firm launches fuel cell charge point for electric cars – but will hydrogen power our electric dreams?

British firm AFC Energy has launched the first ever hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle charger, a system it describes as a “breakthrough” in clean mobility

Plug-in hybrids will face London congestion charge from 2021

Pure electric cars to follow suit in 2025 as discounts for alternative fuels is phased out

Volkswagen to launch 2,400 electric vehicle chargers at Tesco stores

Building up the (charging) points

Harmful metal found in VW PHEV chargers

Possible recall as car giant looks to address safety concerns

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