Vehicle-related thefts increase by 10% during longer nights

Four-fifths of vehicle-related thefts happen during hours of darkness

Car theft chaos: Nearly six million drivers have no car security measures

With an estimated 35 million cars on Britain’s roads, this could mean that nearly five million vehicles are at high risk of theft

New analysis reveals the UK’s car theft hotspots

West Midlands sees trebling of car theft claims in past five years More than 112,000 vehicles stolen in the last…


Six of the eleven new cars launched in 2019 rated ‘poor’ for security

Thatcham research has announced new security ratings, with a view to help consumers better understand the theft risk of new cars…


Vehicle crime is rife: more stolen cars and more online scams

With recent Home Office figures revealing a near 50% increase in vehicle thefts over the last five years (up from…


Hundreds of keyless cars are vulnerable to high-tech theft, new report says

More than 200 car models that offer keyless entry are susceptible to theft, a report from British consumer group Which? has revealed

At least 100,000 number plates stolen since 2015

A fifth say that if they were missing only one number plate they would assume it had fallen off but it only takes one plate to change the identity of a vehicle

Is driving becoming more dangerous?

Defensive driving being taken to the next level by high profile individuals

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