The Instagram page, which was launched in March in a bid to engage with young and new drivers, uploads helpful content and tips in order to help drivers feel more confident on the roads.

As 1 in 5 crashes occur within the first year of driving, it is vital to connect with these road users, as they are the most vulnerable when on the roads.

Think! is currently running ‘The Road Whisperer’ campaign through the new page, in an amusing but also very informative way, along with the odd meme here and there!

Whether it be confusion over which lanes to use on a roundabout, nervousness with nighttime driving, or driving in different weather conditions, the new page is there to encourage new drivers to be safer and more confident!

Think! are also looking for new drivers to share their experiences on the road, drop them a message if you know someone who would like to get involved!

Make sure to give them a follow @thinkroadsafety for helpful hints and tips!