Here’s a great opportunity for you and your pupils to win a host of prizes! But you better hurry, as the competition ends on 14th July.

Annual joy

FirstCar’s annual ‘Win a Car Prize Draw’ has one month left for you and your pupils to enter.

Entry is completely free. ust put in your basic details and then take a spin of the roulette wheel for a chance to win.

There is a Vauxhall Corsa that one lucky winner will drive away. But not just that, there’s a whole host of other prizes on offer.

In fact there are 1,653 premium prizes (see here for full list) available, and everyone playing is entered  in to thee annual prize draw to win the car. It means a total prize pot of over £50,000!

Get onboard, get online

You can see how to enter via this link,

There are a few basic rules about entrants to begin with. Anyone wanting to be in with a chance of winning the car need to be:

  1.  16 years old or over on the date of entry;
  2. Either hold a provisional license or have passed their driving test within 3 years of the date of entry; and
  3. Must be resident in the UK

Make your day

So get online and see if it’s your lucky day. But more than that, let your pupils know. You could even send it out as a little goodwill gesture to your students, messaging the link or putting something out on your social media.

There are some terrific prizes for all types and age of driver, experienced or learning. And don’t forget that someone is going to drive away a brand new Vauxhall.

There’s no excuse, of ‘corsa’ you and your pupils have to enter!