• Unleaded prices have dropped, from 127.7 p/litre last month to 127.6 p/litre now
  • Diesel prices have risen 0.3p from 131.4 p/litre to 131.7 p/litre
  • The price difference between diesel and unleaded has increased to 4.1 p/litre

National and Regional


Highest – London has recorded the highest price for unleaded at 128.4 p/litre.

Lowest –  Northern Ireland has recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 125.6 p/litre.


Highest – The South East has recorded the highest diesel price at 132.6 p/litre.

Lowest – Northern Ireland has the cheapest diesel at 129.6 p/litre.


Supermarket prices for unleaded now average 124.5 p/litre.The gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded has shrunk to 3.1 p/litre.