Savvy consumers save over £7k on a new car by choosing leasing over PCP finance during lockdown?

LeaseLoco used data on the site’s most popular cars since 1st April as well as the UK’s top selling cars and compared these to the best value PCP cars.

Lockdown creates learner driver backlog

A recent poll of FirstCar’s readers showed that over half of those learning to drive stayed off the roads during lockdown, even shunning private practice with parents

UK one of cheapest places to run an electric vehicle, as CCC report pushes for greater uptake

The UK has been revealed to be amongst the cheapest places to run an electric vehicle in a new study from Uswitch

Britain’s best bridges

They’re some of the most considerable feats of engineering connecting towns and countries throughout the UK, and now 12 of Britain’s most remarkable bridges have been named.
Legislation & Regulation

DVLA have restarted provisional licence applications

Following on from the recent news on photocard extensions, the DVLA are now accepting new provisional applications.

57% of drivers are still too daunted to buy an electric car

The top ten factors that would make drivers buy and electric car

Twice as many drivers plan to ‘go electric’ next time round

Research conducted for the RAC Report on Motoring* shows the number of drivers who say they will choose an electric car…


Will the coronavirus outbreak lead to lower petrol prices?

Obviously risk to life is the top concern when it comes to coronavirus, but UK drivers may also be interested…


The most hazardous day on the road for drivers

The warning comes following new analysis by Privilege Car Insurance, which has found that across the UK, drivers have had…