Road Safety

Do you know what these common road markings REALLY mean?

Experts at leading car supplier ┬ábelieve many drivers fail to keep up their knowledge of road markings and many…


Geneva Motor Show 2019

The Geneva Motor Show has long been heralded as the most important event of it’s kind, although this year is…


Highlights from the Young Rider Focus 2019

On 6th March 2019, Aston Villa Football Club became a hub of motorcycle buzz! It was the first ever Young…


Great news for electric car enthusiasts!

As more ADIs consider moving to hybrid or electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf has reached a huge milestone!
Teaching & Training

The Highway Code: A Brief History

Today is World Book Day, so we thought we would celebrate by taking a brief look back at The Highway…

Legislation & Regulation

RAC celebrates 30 years of the Motoring Report!

The RAC has delved deep in to the motoring report, to put together a journey through time! Some of the…


RAC research: over half of used vehicles checked have a hidden history

Drivers seeking to buy a used car in 2019 need to be on their guard as figures from the RAC…


Buying British made cars could help bolster UK car industry

From an Aston Martin to a Vauxhall Astra, which cars are made here?
Road Safety

‘UK’s first’ 3D zebra crossing created in St John’s Wood

What is thought to be the UK’s first “3D” zebra crossing has been painted on a north-west London road in…