Is your car too dangerous for the road? UK hotspots for unroadworthy cars revealed

Motorists driving vehicles with defective brakes, balding tyres and dodgy steering mechanisms are among those who’ve been prosecuted since 2016,…


Rising fuel prices in July… and more could be on the way

After a month of falling fuel prices in June, July saw both petrol and diesel rise once again as the…

Road Safety

RAC research reveals safety risk – how long do you drive without stopping?

With this weekend and next due to be the busiest all summer for drivers heading south through France for the…


DVLA reveals strangest questions from drivers using the “Ask DVLA” service

DVLA’s services on Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa allow motorists to ask DVLA when their vehicle tax is due by…

Road Safety

You could get a £100 fine and 3 points for not wearing shades at the wheel this summer

As the UK summer heats up, motorists are reminded to wear appropriate eyewear to protect themselves against glare and keep…

Government Investment

Are British roads getting worse? Councils struggle to fund £10 billion pothole plague

The cost of a one-time catch-up to deal with this huge road maintenance backlog has been valued at a staggering £9.8 billion…

Road Safety

Shocking pictures show motorway miracle as driver escapes flying tyre smash

An unsuspecting driver narrowly avoided disaster after a flying tyre crashed into his windscreen on a motorway
Road Safety

RAC needs practitioners for road safety survey

The RAC Foundation is working with a range of road safety stakeholders on research to establish the effectiveness of road…

Road Safety

Big changes to motorway driving as red X fines come in

Police now have the power to punish those who drive in closed lanes on smart motorways, under Home Office legislation…