Road casualties

Road Safety

Road Safety Week celebrates a drop in road casualties

Deaths and serious injures on the roads were prevented due to lockdown according to Brake at the start of Road…

Road Safety

Cycling collision cities

London, Bristol and Hull named the most dangerous GB cities for cyclists Analysis of Road Traffic Accident data highlights the…

Road Safety

Road casualty reduction

UK road deaths dropped for the first time in eight years during 2020. The coronavirus saw a significant reduction in…

Road Safety

Crash cities

Analysing data from over the last decade, CarMoney has concluded where the most dangerous urban roads are. The research has…

Road Safety

Accidents rates on the slide in 2020

The latest Department for Transport statistics show a big drop in traffic levels. The lockdowns have had a huge effect…

Road Safety

Film aims to turn the tide against road danger

Developed by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) and narrated by the BBC News world affairs editor John Simpson, the 40-minute…

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