July 2019 fuel prices

Unleaded prices have levelled, from 128.4 p/litre last month to 128.4 p/litre now Diesel prices have fallen 1p from 132.4…


We’re in orbit… We’re flying!

The Intelligent Instructor Awards has taken off, and well on its way to landing in new and previously uncharted territories…


AA fuel report – May 2019 fuel prices

Unleaded prices have risen 3.4p from 125.4 p/litre to 128.8 p/litre. Diesel prices have gone up 1.3p from 132.0 p/litre…

Road Safety

National Road Safety Conference – Brighton

Tomorrow our team are heading to the National Road Safety Conference in Brighton. The event will be held over 2 days and it's a fantastic line-up for road safety professionals