Road Safety

This disturbing image shows the dangers of resting your feet on the dashboard

The image shows an unlucky passenger’s pelvis with one hip completely dislocated and another broken. The unnamed victim suffered several…


Will the coronavirus outbreak lead to lower petrol prices?

Obviously risk to life is the top concern when it comes to coronavirus, but UK drivers may also be interested…

Road Safety

Explained: how the RAC deals with smart motorway breakdowns

As all lanes of most smart motorways are used for traffic, either all or some of the time, the RAC…


Cars could be banned from Birmingham city centre for some journeys

Other measures include rerouting the central section of the A38 to a ring road and enforcing a 20mph limit on…


Brake dust as harmful as diesel fumes, warn scientists

In a study, lung cells became inflamed and less able to protect against bacteria when exposed to exhaust and brake…

Legislation & Regulation

A sign of things to come in the UK? Isle of Man will tax electric vehicles in 2020

A new electric vehicle tax will hit the Isle of Man from April 2020 to cover lost fuel tax revenue from petrol and diesel vehicles.
Road Safety

Driver ‘should be dead’ after air freshener causes car explosion

A driver who blew up his car by lighting a cigarette after spraying air freshener says, “I should be dead”.

Councils branded ‘clean air hypocrites’ as 92% of their fleets rely on diesel vehicles

Authorities admitted to Auto Express that no “viable electric alternative” to the fuel exists in “the vast majority” of cases.…


Fear of unexpected repairs puts 3.8m drivers off getting their car serviced

The survey of 2,000 drivers for RAC MOT Assist found that it is those drivers in London, the West Midlands and Northern…