Articles by: Richard Borges

Legislation & Regulation

Loveday Ryder appointed as DVSA’s new Chief Executive

After more than 4 years in DVSA, Gareth Llewellyn is stepping down as Chief Executive at the end of 2020.

Revealed: UK Drivers Saved Over £1 Billion on Fuel During Lockdown

43% of participants have said that lockdown has made them want to commute less, and majority want to use their time and fuel driving to ‘staycations’.

New study reveals over two-thirds of non-driving Brits regret never learning to drive, but 40% say they’ll never take lessons

A new study by reveals the main reasons why some of the nation hasn’t learnt to drive

Advertisement feature

Maximise your income with minimum effort!

Due to recent Government restrictions on providing driving lessons, most instructors now find themselves with a backlog of pupils queuing…

Technology & Innovation

Cutting back on noise and dust at roadworks thanks to innovation

People living near roadworks are set to benefit from a new innovation which will mean less noise, less dust and less vibration during work following a £650,000 investment by Highways England

Poll reveals instructors worry about learners’ eyesight

As part of an awareness campaign around Road Safety Week, vision care experts ZEISS worked in partnership with Intelligent Instructor to survey driving instructors on vision and driving – and particularly the eyesight of learner drivers.

Eleven Scottish council areas go into Tier 4 lockdown this Friday

More than two million people are to be placed under Scotland's toughest Covid lockdown restrictions from Friday.

Exciting update on fund for struggling ADIs

This fund is for struggling ADIs and the ADINJC will be working in association with Bobbie Hicks and Susan McDonald to firstly raise money and then to help ADIs who most need help.

Eight things you should NEVER leave in the car

British drivers have been warned about the dangers of leaving eight common items in their cars.