mobile phones


Time to hang up

Researchers and academics again call for banning all mobile phone use by drivers. Further research and its results confirm previous…


Emergency call

The government will carry out a UK-wide emergency alert system on Sunday, 23 April, at around 3pm. A loud siren-like…

Road Safety

High definition

A recent operation cracking down on mobile phone use behind the wheel has revealed what could be a worrying trend.…

Road Safety

Tech on the roads

Technology continues to takeover our day-to-day lives, supposedly making everything easier. The demand for consumer-friendly tech continues to rise and…


Phone laws failing to cut calls behind the wheel

A new survey has found the mobile phone use behind the wheel remains as bigger problem as ever. Almost half…

Legislation & Regulation

Police enforce campaign against phone use behind the wheel

Today marks the beginning of a two-week national police enforcement campaign against illegal mobile phone use. It highlights the risks…

Technology & Innovation

Motorists’ smartphones may help highways bosses keep roads safe

Motorists with smartphones could help highway chiefs maintain road quality by sending ‘crowdsourced’ data from their mobiles that would allow engineers to assess when carriageway repairs are needed, according to a new study.
Technology & Innovation

Pass your Theory Test or your money back – Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 app introduces a Pass Guarantee!

Learner drivers who have had their driving lessons halted and tests cancelled since March, can now get a guaranteed pass in their Theory Test thanks to Driving Test Success.
Technology & Innovation

Infotainment systems can be more distracting than mobile phones or even some drugs!

Could the latest connectivity technology be putting our safety at risk?
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